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Decentralizing Structured Finance

Predictable and Enhanced Returns at Your Fingertips


Our Interest Rate Products divide yield-bearing assets into vaults with varying levels of risk

Fixed Returns

Select a fixed return option to obtain a predictable source of yield. Ideal for investors who value stability above anything else

Variable Returns

Our variable return option offers amplified returns through leveraged exposure to the performance of the underlying assets
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Customize your own interest-rate products

Permissionlessly create your own Interest Rate Products using our smart contract Factory


At Struct, security comes first. Our smart contracts have been rigorously tested internally and have been audited by renowned industry leaders

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What is Struct Finance?

Struct Finance is a DeFi platform offering tailored structured financial products to cater to the distinct risk-return profiles of retail and institutional investors. Our innovative Tranching mechanism, the first in our planned lineup of product offerings, enables diversified investment opportunities across a wide array of markets through interest rate vaults.

How to use our Interest-Rate Vaults?

Please refer to our user guide to understand how to use the product.

What are Structured Financial Products?

Structured financial products are innovative investment instruments that are derived from and linked to underlying on-chain or real-world assets. They use a variation of credit/risk, liquidity, and maturity transformation techniques to achieve specific investment goals. By offering risk-return dynamics that deviate from its underlying, these investment products ultimately appeal to a broader array of investors.

Has Struct been audited?

Struct Finance have gone through three audits. Details can be found here.

What products are available in the Struct protocol?

We have launched our Interest Rate Vaults built on top of GMX (GLP) and Trader Joe Auto-pools. These vaults tranche an underlying yield-bearing asset into two, creating a product that generates fixed yield, and another with enhanced exposure to the performance of the underlying asset.

Does Struct have a Token?

We have not yet launched the token. We have plans to launch the Struct token in early 2024, we will keep the community updated about any progress.

What kind of products will be enabled by Struct?

Based on the success of our Interest-rate vaults with GMX (GLP), we will be launching Struct Auto-pools Vaults in January 2024. Other Structured Financial Products are currently in development.

How can I get involved?

Please join us on the Discord community to get involved in different topics such as creating your instruments, building new integrations, and supporting us with ideas and features to evolve the Struct protocol. Alternatively, you can share your proposal with this email address: [email protected]